Embracing Adventure And Danger

It was never good to insult children from anything that could possibly have any danger attached yet parents keeping their children under permanent watch has become “what people do.”

People harmed children without them knowing it out of our fear-based culture.  Children need to confront danger; they need to explore; they need adventures at some point in their life.

There was a time when parents knew how important to embrace adventure and danger at some time when let their kids go off into the woods by themselves, with rifles.  And thinking about it now, if that was really so horribly dangerous, half of us wouldn’t be here.

You bet alright, it is scary to watch your children walk into a subway station or out into the woods.  But you have to do it.  Let them go out and face the world, it is healthy for them but remember to calculate the risks, pick your times, pick your spots, watch them from a distance if you must.

Fear is just an impulse; along with it can be based on lies, distortions, or even on nothing at all.  It’s an absurd thing on which to base your children’s lives.

A new German study shows clearly that adventure shapes the individual. As one of the researchers concluded, “Living our lives makes us who we are.”  Your children need to live, and not merely exist inside of a fear-inspired bubble. The study also indicates that exploration and adventure not only affect personality development, but also brain growth.

The real dangers for your children lie in government schools, and even in private schools that function on the same model.

People are pushed, economically, to put their children into public schools.  Make sure that you tell your children how the system is set up to condition them.  Educate them that understanding is far more important than memorizing.  Back them up if the teachers give them grief.

Your children should know, very clearly, that teachers and principals are just average people doing particular jobs.  Some of them are good people, others are bad people, and a title is just a title – it means nothing more.

Educate your children to be brave, let them learn how to fall and rise again.  but remember you want to let them encounter dangers slowly, and you’d never put them in positions to get truly hurt, but you should be nothing like the über-parents who surveil their children’s every move, in terror that poor little Johnny will encounter something that hasn’t been sanitized for his protection.


Black Hawk Adventures – A family of travelers: Life’s always an Adventure

After 14 years, four children, 55 countries, and 250 000 km, this Argentinean couple had a dream of travelling around the world by car and still on the road fulfilling their dream.

In 1999, Herman Zapp and his wife Candelaria climbed into their car and drove out of Argentina with only $4 000 in hand.  Using their 1928 Graham Paige they went to Alaska as both wanted to go, so that’s what they did.  “I saw the car two months before we left and fell in love with it so I brought it,” Herman said in Cape Town, where they now live. They arrived in South Africa last year.

In the same year Herman, an electrician, and Candelaria, a secretary, sold their house, packed what they could into the car and left. “Everyone thought we were crazy,” Herman said. “But, really, who is crazy – the one who goes for the dream or the one who doesn’t?”

Even that they are doing what they wanted at first the couple has some fears.  “That first day was the hardest,” said Herman. But the pair was determined. “If you let your fear take hold, your life will pass you by,” he explained.

The couple, Herman Zapp and Candelaria was married for 20 years. “We think we will be around forever but it’s important to rethink life,” said Herman. “My mother died when she was only 46, the only legacy I have taken from her is to ‘do it now’.”

They survive mainly on the kindness of others, having been taken in by more than 2 500 households all around the world. “You have to give a chance to people to show how good they can be.”

They have three children, three boys and a girl and every child were born in different countries. Herman said being on the road was the best education they could get.

“School is important, but it’s not the most intelligent person who survives, it is the person who learns how to adapt the fastest.”  The husband is in no doubt that his children will be better people for experiencing all the different cultures of the places they’ve been to.

“We’ve been to Australia and Canada and have stayed with kids who’ve had rooms full of toys, but we’ve also been to countries like Cambodia where children have made toys from sticks.”

This kind of education, said Herman, is priceless.

“Now they know that everything has value and meaning.” Candelaria said the children were excellent travellers and adapted easily.

The Zapps, are currently living in a flat in Constantia, Cape Town.  They supplement their income by selling their book, Spark Your Dreams and giving motivational talks.  Their next plan as soon as they have enough money, they plan to head to Egypt for their next adventure.


After slow start ski resorts nationwide bounces back

According to a report from the National Ski Industry Association, ski areas across the nation saw strong business during the 2012-13 seasons.

Although the rise in the Rocky Mountain region is just about 1.9 percent, Skier visits rose 11 percent in the United States.

In southwest Colorado the season started slowly, but picked up after the holidays.

“Despite the slow start to the season, overall Durango Mountain Resort was about on par with last season,” said Kim Oyler, spokeswoman for the southwest Colorado resort.

“Thanks to help from Mother Nature and our mountain operations crew, Durango Mountain Resort was able to extend the season one additional weekend and closed on April 7,” she said.

U.S. resorts experienced slow starts be subsequent to a strong snowfall in mid-December.

Comparing to December last year snowfall for December this year nearly tripled.  And compared to 2012, snowfall was weaker in January, strong in February and about even in March,.
“It started real late,” said Richard Bodiford, co-owner of End Industries, an Aztec shop that rents ski equipment. “We missed a lot of Christmas break business, but the middle picked up all right.”

The Four Corners was blanketed with snow soon after Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort closed on April 7, the final insult indicates.

“We got some in early March and after the season closed it’s been snowing left and right all over Colorado,” Bodiford said.

The winter was the eighth-best for the Rocky Mountain region in the past 34 years, the report said. The association did not release data for individual resorts.

The national survey of resorts spotted other trends:

Snowboarding was down for the third straight winter. In 2012-13, snowboarders made up 29.6 percent of total visits.

Season pass sales dropped as more skiers bought daily tickets. Average season pass sales fell 4.3 percent.

Ticket prices rose. The average adult weekend ticket cost $86.17, up 4.3 percent.

Snow sports remain popular, but resorts face a variety of challenges, the report said.

“The popularity of skiing and snowboarding remains high, but weather conditions, economic headwinds, competition from other leisure activities, and other factors are contributing to the challenges ski areas face,” the report said.

Why you should go hiking

One great way worth trying and doing if you love outdoors is to experience hiking, you can do it alone, with friends or family.  Hiking, what is so great about it, maybe you are wondering what could be getting out from it.


One of the most basic activity and the most popular conceivably is hiking, which in turn other activities like or backpacking, or rock climbing were based.


One and maybe the best benefit you can get from hiking is the fun and quality time with family and friends.  Hiking can be a brilliant approach of spending quality time with family, friends or to a special someone.  Many things can happen to a day of hiking, I may soon turn out as a family picnic, friends’ day out or even a quiet alone time with your lover.  It does not matter you want to spend time with, the pleasure of hiking is limitless.
Hiking is definitely the best way to enjoy the beauty of nature.  It would make you feel as if you are in the heart of Mother Nature.  Walking through the lush green environment and awesome sight of the beauty of the tranquil river waters or the playful waterfalls is something that you can do while you are hiking.
Another one good benefit of hiking is it is a great way to stay fit and stay physically active all at the same time while you are having fun.  Which is more fun running on a treadmill or hiking?  Combine nature’s goodness and your fitness and start hiking now!


Compare to any other types of exercise, hiking is much more diverse, specifically to those exercise done inside the gym.  The thrill is not just the different form of exercise you will be doing but rather the different surroundings you will be encountering, the trail you will take, the landscapes will change as well.  In addition, hiking will make the working out more interesting thus making you maintain your motivation to exercise.  This happens a lot when you are just starting to work out, you might feel a little embarrassed because of the fear that people from the gym or streets might be judging you while hiking, it can be discrete and isolated you’d never feel that scare.  However, you have to remember to inform someone about your whereabouts for safety reasons.  More often, hiking with friends, family or a loved one will surely feel more of an entertainment than exercise plus you can meet other people in camp site where usually everyone id friendly.


Hiking can also be a good form of stress reliever; this can also reduce insomnia that will lead to a better mental health.  Hiking outdoors will make you feel closer to nature and natural rhythms, which may amplify your happiness and help you feel more content.  It will give you peace of mind for sure.  Some people seek inner peace and find hiking a very good source of inner peace they are looking for.  This is definitely a get away from a hectic life, a good escape from the hassle and bustle of the city life.  Nature has her way of relaxing anyone; it is surely a place where you can relax and spend some time alone if you want.

Outdoor Adventures in Thailand

Do I have to tell you why Thailand, well then let me give you reasons why you of all countries will enjoy this country if you love outdoors!

Have you tried caving, if not then try it in Thailand.  Get inside of Thailand literally by exploring ancient caves and tremendous caverns like those in the Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son Province.  Dare and see the underground and discover wildlife, history and geology, it’s a caving venture you will never forget.  Caves like Cave Lodge have expert guides.  Expert guides will escort you so you need not to worry, they will lead you through geologic labyrinths, vertical caves and collapsed caves.  For additional thrill and blood rushing, your journey comes along with forest hikes or rafting to see even more of the Thai landscape.

For animal lover and wild life enthusiasts out there, we are sure that you will enjoy Jungle Trekking in the wilds of Thailand by hitting the unmarked trails.  To make the most out of your trip, try at least a 3-day trek to see mountain ridges, rainforests and experience camping in the beautiful Thai wilderness.
Elephant Riding, sounds like fun, yes it is!  This will be a whole new experience that you shouldn’t ever miss, taking an elephant ride through local Thai villages and surrounding forests.  Miss it and it will feel like you have never gone to Thailand at all.

Rock climbing or repelling are everywhere now and you find it ordinary.  Then you must try number 7, Waterfall Abseiling, throw in the force of a waterfall, and now you’re talking adventure.  Repel down Thailand’s beautiful and powerful waterfalls.  You’ll feel your heart in your chest as you lean over the edge of a 35-foot waterfall and the ground slowly slips beneath your feet.

Whitewater Rafting is something new to Thai tourist market but whitewater rafting is quickly being added to many adventure trek itineraries.  Rush the rapids in Southern Thailand’s Phang Na province, and you’re assured an exciting ride.

Mountain Biking, maybe you are asking what is so special about it because you can probably do it anywhere but here this.  Mountain biking is tremendously trendy in this country and there are a lot of different tours from.  Add to the thrill, you can travel around the city at night.  Explore the lively Bangkok City on a 3-hour bike tour; the ride ends somewhat early, so you can enjoy the town once you’ve turned in your bike.

Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking are the best in Thailand!  Explore reefs or get lost in the blue during an open-water dive.   Go to Phang-Nga for Snorkiling experience and you’ll peacefully roam the underwater beauty of Similan and Surin Marine National Islands.

Zip Lining, travel from the sea to the sky.  This adventure takes you through the canopies of the Chiang Mai rainforests. You’ll ride in your single-person swing and cruise a cable suspended through the 1500-year old Thai rainforest.

Skydiving, well who doesn’t know how this amazingly scary experience is.  it is thrill that you seek then inject your vacation with pure adrenaline with this extreme experience.  So jump ahead and experience a thrill of a lifetime!


Fraud Warning: Safety Tips on Purchasing Camping Gears

Planning a camping adventure for first timers can be very frustrating at first. You maybe

unsure as to what you should bring along with you and if you have the rights tools.

Although a camping vacation can be fun and exciting, it can sometimes be stressful to

plan. But don’t worry, like they say the first time is always the hardest. And again don’t

worry because it is not as hard as you think.


When it comes to camping you will have to bring multiple items with you because you

will be in the wilderness and convenience will be provided for you rather you must bring

it with you. It is your first time so what you need to know is how to purchase the right

tools and how to avoid fraud while buying.


These are your fraud warnings and safety tips:


Meeting the buyer- whether you’re going to meet up or the buyer would go to your

place make sure that you have someone with you. Never go alone or never allow him

inside your house alone.


Meeting the seller- same goes in meeting the seller. It is best if you meet them at their

home addresses where the item for sale is placed. At least no matter what happens

you know where the seller is situated.


Accepting and paying money- if the item is worth only a few bucks then it is easier

and more convenient to pay in cash but if it involves larger amount of money it is safer

to carry a check rather than cash.


Purchasing online- Only buy from a legitimate site, research information about the site

first and read reviews about it. Also you can ask friends who bought items online and

go for the same site. If the advertiser wants you to send cash up front you shouldn’t do

it. Remember not to sent cash or cheques through the post, or place money directly

into a seller’s bank account, in advance of receiving goods.


Ask for the warranty or receipt of the product- once you bought an item from a

private seller you will have no legal comeback if it turns out to be faulty so better check

it thoroughly before handling the money.


And always keeps records about the transactions made.


Fraud warning: Scam ads

• Adverts that contain very poor grammar/spelling errors

• Anyone requesting money in advance of you receiving the goods

• Anyone who says they are in a different town/ area of the country than the

postcode entered on the advert

• Anyone offering expensive items for free, or at a discounted rate, on the

condition that you pay large sums of money to cover travel, postage or courier


• Anyone offering to buy you an item for a higher cost than you advertising it at to

include shipping to them

• Anyone asking you to remove your item

• Anyone offering something that is too good to be true

• Anyone who wants payment via money transfer

• Anyone who only corresponds by an email and is unavailable on phone


As many kinds of investment, the chances of buying camping gears ending up to

a fraud is more likely to happen as well. And a scam can be devastating for you

physically, financially and emotionally. Hope this served as a fraud warning for you.

Black Hawk Adventures: KOREA: Best Place to Camp

Korean Government does not particularly promote camping in Korea but surely campers will enjoy Korea more than any other camping experiences they had.  National parks are the best bet for recreational camping in natural areas, but campgrounds in tourist areas such as Seoul are available.


Campsites sprout in almost all major cities in Korea, they have set their own camping resort with of course support from the central government.  Every campsite differs from each other, some are better even so camping facilities are considered a good alternative for Korea, where there is less accommodation provision outside of the city.


Travelling in Seoul can get a little airless sometimes since one-fifth of the population of Korea resides in the mega city.   If you are more of a nature lover type, there are a number of venues nestled inside and outside of Seoul that provide a quieter yet equally exciting alternative to city thrill.  Campers are sure tired of the city that is why they are enthusiastic of the thought of camping so that they may be able to enjoy the cool, calm and lush of nature.  Camping gives a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast forward city life.


If you are not so much of a fun of camping you must try camping in Korea.  Camping in Korea is one of the best ways to see the many stunning things life can offer.  Beautiful national and provincial parks scattered throughout the country will satisfy your picky taste buds for fun.  They present beautiful settings, cultural sites, hiking trails and other attractions. These parks are well run with a developed infrastructure and well-appointed campgrounds, several offering tents and mattresses for hire.  There may be amusement parks, playgrounds, swimming and sports available on the premises or nearby.  These campgrounds usually have tents and bedding as well as restaurants and shops and often have hot water and electricity.
And the most fun part is many of these parks offer campgrounds with full utilities for as low as 3,000 won per night, family fun adventure for less.



Unfortunately not all throughout the year these campsites will be available, most campgrounds are close during winter.  Booking is a must more especially during peak season, form late July to August; it’s first come-, first-serve basis.


There are also private campgrounds, Gangwon province has a number of campgrounds as choices.  The Songjiho Auto Camping Resort is open April to November with 90 tent sites. Reservations are recommended. Shaded sites are available at Solsum Camping.  The Mangsang Auto Camping Resort for caravans and tents is near the sandy Mangsang Beach and has a cafeteria, playground and laundry; caravans — recreational vehicles — and cabins are available for rent.  Gyeonggi Province is home to Jara Island’s Jarasum Campground and Bandi Camping in Paju and Nanji Camp in Sangam-dong.


The best part about camping is you got to go back to basics and enjoy life as it is.  You have to start from scratch.  You can go back to being kids when you were just playing house, while you enjoy the scenery and the sense of being in the wild.  It can be very thrilling and you can have the change to experience new thing every after camping trips.

Black Hawk Adventures : LL Bean celebrates centennial aniversary

In an attempt to entice families to spend more time outdoors and share their experiences, LL Bean launched their “Million Moment Mission” as their 100th anniversary celebration highlight.

For every moment shared to others, Bean pledges to donate a dollar to the National Park Foundation until it reaches a million dollars. According to Bean, the concept is to get people to utilize online social media to share their experiences outdoors (via photos, video, writing blogs and commenting). The money from that will be raised will be dedicated to connecting the youth to their national parks.

This was prompted by a new survey from L.L. Bean and the NPF shows that 60% of children are spending less than one hour outside per day, with 59% of parents admitting to spending even less time outside due to various constraints.

The results are enough to concern them, noting that families tend to spend more time indoors and eventually miss out on the emotional and physical benefits of spending time outside.

LL Bean is kicking off their centennial anniversary promotions through a mission with NPF, a new line of special outdoor gear and the debut of their ‘LL Bean Bootmobile’.

The Bootmobile is a boot measuring 20 ft in length and 13 ft in height, built to scale by a specialty fabrication store in Florida, named Echo Artz. It is basically a Ford F-250 Super Duty truck with a huge boot made of fiberglass atop it. LL Bean Bootmobile has 800 lb-ft of torque, 400 horsepower and can tow up to 4 tonnes. In fact, the shoe’s laces consists of 12 strands of mooring rope braided together and can tow up to 106,000 pounds!

According to them, they are hoping that people will spend outdoors and support national parks, and in effect, pass on a legacy to the next generation. Indeed, there seems to be no better way to sustain and protect the country’s natural treasures than to inspire a new generation of outdoor lovers (through introducing them to national parks).

The outdoors gear retailer from Maine was founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood (hence, the LL) Bean after going on a hunting trip with wet and cold feet. He launched the firm with just one item — the Maine Hunting Shoe — which remains one of their staples up  to this day.

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